New script

This new script will allow you to slash images or shapes, in addition to add colors or patterns in various ways. Use this to create templates, add colors, make a monogram, and much more. The slashes will be done randomly, so you will always get a different result for every

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Whether you are using PaintShop Pro for digital scrapbooking, for collage, for photo-composition or any other type of project, it is likely that you will be looking for images or designs to use. Finding good images can be tricky as you need to be aware of copyrights and you obviously

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Testing again

This is another post to see if the template does its job correctly. It also gives the idea whether the line below the title is the right length.

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Hello world!

The name “tube” has been used around for several years but has meant something different, in different contexts. PaintShop Pro has a feature called “Picture tubes”, which are elements placed on a project with a click of the mouse. On the other hand, “tubes” have been seen as an element

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