Let’s shop

Let’s shop

Are you looking for your copy of Paintshop Pro 2019? At this point, it is the latest version you can get, so grab your copy today.

However, maybe you are looking for an older version of Paintshop Pro?

If you have previously purchased an older version of PSP, have the license code AND have registered it with your Corel account, you might be lucky: contact the Corel support and they might be able to get you a copy of that old version (likely for free). It is not a certainty, but it is worth a try. Remember that you would still need to install any of the necessary patches. You can find them HERE for the versions up to X3, while the more recent versions have their patches on the Corel site.

If you need to purchase an older version, for any reason, you can often purchase them on Amazon. Don’t try to get a pirated copy. You might cause issues to your computer or have other problems. Since older versions are generally inexpensive, don’t take any chance.

Here are links to Amazon listings for those older versions of Paintshop Pro. They are affiliate links so if you purchase through those links, I get a small commission. Thank you.

Whether you are new to Paintshop Pro or been using it for several years, you will want to go through these Kindle books. You get a total of 202 quick tips and tricks to work with PSP. Some of them, you might already know, but there are definitely some you will discover. PSP is full of those “surprises”.

And remember that you can read Kindle books on your computer, using the FREE Kindle for PC [Download].

And if you want some inspiration for your next scrapbooking project, I found these two books that could just help.

And this is the first of a series of several books.

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