About the Campus

One morning, in 2008, my small office got suddenly flooded with boxes.

This was a great day, even though i didn’t have room to move anymore!

It all began when i started playing with Paintshop Pro, in 2003, after getting a copy from my mom.

I followed some tutorials I found online which helped me learn about the tools and functions of this program, but soon, i got bored with creating pictures, and frames just for the sake of following tutorials online.

A new hobby!

Then, i heard of scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking. Scrapbooking on the computer. And yes, I had the perfect tool: Paintshop Pro. I got a new hobby!

I searched throughout the internet for scrapbooking tutorials using Paintshop Pro, but they were few and far between.

I’ll do it myself!

That is when i started to combine what I already knew of the program with hours and hours of experimentation with the tools and functions.

My detailed sense of observation led me to find ways to replicate various effects with PSP.
I started creating scrapbook pages of my kids, my karate, my geocaching adventures and everything in between.

How did you do that?

Once, a few online friends asked me to show them how I did that, so I started teaching them. This little group turned into hundreds of scrapbookers who loved the numerous tutorials I had written for them.

Within two years, I had students from around the world who discovered the power of Paintshop Pro.

Do you like to read tutorials with instructions? if you do, that is perfect, because I kept the written format.
However, I am sure you would also love to hear my French accent, so I started converting the existing tutorials into video format (where you can hear me).

No homework!

Now, a few years later, the Scrapbook Campus includes over 200 videos tutorials, classes, tips and resources. Everything you need to document and share memories and stories in a custom and creative way is at your fingertips.

And best of all, when you take courses in the Campus, there is no exam, no report card and no deadline.

Just fun practices and masterpieces to be created.

You too can join the hundreds of students in the Campus, young and old, newbies and veterans. You also have a story to share. Don’t wait.

Now, what about those boxes that filled my office?

They were filled with 2000 copies of a baby scrapbook that i created and designed with my Paintshop Pro.

This book had been published and funded by community partners to be given to new parents for free.

Talk about a unique way to turn a hobby into a fulfilling project to benefit the community.

Paintshop Pro and scrapbooking can go way beyond a simple creative outlet.

It will touch many lives: yours and those around you.

Come and join us!

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