The Lab

In this area, we present you with various lessons and experiments, like in any other lab.

The lessons are based on elements, effects or techniques inspired by a specific layout. Each month, you might have 2 or 3 lessons, depending on the layout used. Follow them, try them, create your own elements, apply them to your own projects and customize them to suit your taste or your needs.

The experiments are meant to challenge your creativity, or inspire you. So often we tend to create scrapbook pages, cards or other graphic projects that are kind of similar from one another. Of course, your personality and your style will be a common thread throughout all the projects but sometimes, it is interesting to stretch our imagination a bit, to step out of our comfort zone, and even discover totally new angles to things we have done routinely. Here are the Experiments for this module.

Once you finish your experiment, you can post the result in one of 3 ways:

Simply click on the lab module you want to access.

If you are not registered yet, CLICK HERE for the Registrar’s office.

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